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(Building) Architect. Technolog(y/ist).

This site is intended primarily as a repository of information – what I find, resolve, and seek to resolve in my daily life as a “BIM Manager” (or any other term that encompasses what I/we do).

I love solving problems and finding solutions; however, the documentation of both the process and the resolution does not always happen. Particularly when I pull from some of my friend sites and resources found sometimes haphazardly. Therefore, I’m trying something new – to save it here. And hopefully sometime, somewhere, something here will help someone else – or at least my future self!

(Building) Architecture

Building design, the combination of art and science, creative engineering, and now the additional needs (and wants) for technological improvement.

Despite little change in the day-to-day for the building designer for decades if not centuries, we are long on our path to changing, fundamentally, what we, as building designers, do – and trying to understand what we should do.


Those of us in the industry can recognize that while technology has fundamentally changed the landscape for many other careers, it has ignored construction and design in many ways. This is changing. Has changed. Will continue to change. We are no longer forgotten in the advancement of technology – whether desired or not.

Christopher Alexander

About Me

Christopher Alexander, AIA, CCS, CDT, NCARB*

I am a registered architect (Michigan, USA) and a collector of acronyms.


After earning my Registration, I moved from a smaller firm that was not interested in Revit or BIM and “read the writing on the wall” and moved to a company with a focus on advancement.

Just for fun

My wife and kids enjoy traveling around the country visiting zoos and discovering new and exciting things to learn.

“[…] le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.”

“[…] the best is the enemy of the good.”

~ Voltaire